Dag Arnesen has written hundreds of compositions, most of them tunes for small jazz ensembles.

Here is a selection of more complex compositions that he has been commissioned to write for classical groups and large jazz ensembles.

1979 Mossafinns Morgensignal (Mossafinn`s wakeup-call)– suite for jazz octet- for Vossajazz
1984 Blåtoner med Røde Noter (Blue sound from a red score)– a piece for classical violin with a jazz trio- for Rikskonsertene (Norwegian Concert Institute, NCI)
1987 Strøtanker og Røde Roser (Stray Thoughts and Red Roses) suite in six parts for 5 horns, piano, bass and drums – with Elvin Jones- for Vossajazz. NRK TV and Radio
1991 Selected traditional songs – arranged for mixed choir, solo voice and a jazz trio, for Rikskonsertene (NCI)
1992 Reminiscence - suite in six parts for mini-big band with voice, 8 horns, piano, bass, drums and percussion– for Vestnorsk Jazzsenter.(The West Norway Jazz Centre) NRK Radio.
1992 Hit og Dit –(Here and There) piece for 4 trombones and tuba –for the trombone section in Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
1993 Rusler rundt 152 (“Wandering around 152) piece for violin, cello, 3 Hardanger fiddles, 3 voices, saxophone, piano, synthesizer and percussion – for Rikskonsertene, NCI. This piece won “the Work of the Year NOPA
1993 Ta Blå – string quartet based on the music of the great Norwegian songwriter Arne Bendiksen - for Vestnorsk Jazzsenter (The West Norway Jazz Centre)
1993 Utrygt for tåke –(May become Foggy) piece for euphonium and piano – Grieg academy
1996 ...og dagen gjør tanken til lengsel – concert for mixed choir and six-piece jazz ensemble – for the choir Stemmebruket
1998 Sideways – concert for clarinet, trombone, piano, bass and percussion – for Bit 20, a new music ensemble
2000 On Granite – suite in seven parts for voice, alto sax., trumpet, tenor sax., el-bass, doublebass, piano and drums – for Vestnorsk Jazzsenter (The West Norway Jazz Center)
2001 Ball i mål og dur (Footballsuite for Choir and Refere)– suite in ten parts for mixed choir with solo voice and a jazz trio